Startup America Partnership Delivers Resources to Startups Now

This week President Obama delivered a message to all Americans on the importance of helping entrepreneurs succeed and create jobs and the steps the White House is taking to make this happen.  

President Obama made the important distinction between what we are doing at the Startup America Partnership and what the government is doing with the Startup America initiative. 

Check out the President's video below, along with a brief description from the White House.

Startup America Partnership Delivers Resources to Startups Now

Beyond the Administration’s efforts to accelerate entrepreneurship, the Startup America Partnership, an independent private sector alliance, launched at the White House earlier this year in response to the President’s call to action.

The Startup America Partnership recently launched its new online platform, where U.S. startups can create free membership profiles and get resources from over 25 companies providing resources like free software, free business filing, and discounted computer hardware.

These resources are available to entrepreneurs right now, at a total value of over $730 million. The Startup America Partnership plans to serve as many as 100,000 startups across America over the next three years. Whether a business is starting up, ramping up, speeding up, or looking for talent and expertise, the Startup America Partnership is open for business

Start Doing: Have an idea for a startup? Already growing your startup? Find out if the Startup America Partnership’s resources are for you.

Help us answer the President's call to action, let's get startups the help they need to create the jobs America needs.

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