Today's Featured Member: EcoScraps uses your trash to help save the earth.

Every year in America 30 million tons of food is thrown away; almost 25% of all landfill waste. As this food sits and decomposes in our landfills (or anywhere else) it releases the greenhouse gas methane.

Today's featured member, EcoScraps, is solving this problem. EcoScraps recycles fruits and vegetables, creating a nutrient enriched soil, helping you grow healthier plants in the most environmentally friendly way.

Read the story of how EcoScraps got started, as told by their Co-Founder, Dan Blake.


People always ask how I came up with this idea. I don’t know what kind of answer they expect, but they are always a little surprised when I tell them how it started.

In the winter of 2009 my brother and I were eating an all-you-can-eat breakfast at Magelby’s Fresh, a Provo favorite. After gorging ourselves on their famous French Toast, we threw out what we hadn’t eaten. We looked around the restaurant and couldn’t believe how much food was being thrown away not only by ourselves but a large number of other customers.

On our way home, we started talking about ways to monetize on people’s food waste. One idea led to another, and eventually we developed our own system of composting food waste.

In the early days of EcoScraps, I went dumpster diving in my free time to find food scraps to experiment with. Then I’d chop and blend them in my kitchen and compost them in garbage cans in my apartment complex parking lot. After a good deal of experimentation with various, all-natural ingredients, a successful formula was developed and an environmentally friendly compost product was born.

Since then EcoScraps has continued to grow and create jobs. Launched in 2010, the business turned profitable a few months ago and has expanded their sales to Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. They now employ 25 people and have received several awards including placing second in the BYU Social Venture Competition, winning the Peoples Choice at the BYU Social Venture Competition and being named a Sparkseed Fellow. 

EcoScraps products enrich the soil, helping you grow healthier plants in the most environmentally friendly way. 

Learn More about EcoScraps below.

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