By Mike Chen

We’ve all heard of the notion of the “American Dream,” the ideology that every person has the ability to succeed and become prosperous through hard work. Sure, it may be the most cliche of terms, but thanks to the national efforts brought about by the Startup America Initiative, there has never been a better time in the United States for entrepreneurs to manifest this “dream” into something tangible.

In regions like Silicon Valley where this entrepreneurial culture is nested and growing, there lies a geyser of founders, incubators, venture capitalists, and a whole hub of resources unavailable elsewhere. These are the regions where the most talented converge; these are people who are greatly impacting the economy, society, and business in whole; and these are the values on which Startupism stemmed from.

The story of Startupism is comparable to the humble beginnings of any entrepreneur, startup, or small business. International students from all over the world came together at Hult IBS in San Francisco and were so moved by the local startup culture that they not only wanted to be a part of it, they wanted to help drive it and spread it all over the world. Throw in a mix of inspiration from Silicon Valley,  passion to revitalize the global economy,  and monkeys in spacesuits. Viola! -- the movement was created.  

In an effort to educate and inspire, Startupism will be hosting a two-day interactive event in San Francisco on April 2 & 3, 2012. Besides keynotes and panels, this conference  will act as a playground for founders with a slew of activities including Founders Speed Dating, Startup Therapy and Startup Deathmatch. By the end of this event the attendees should be inspired and know how to get started on their own dreams.

The core goals and vision of Startupism strongly align with those of Startup America who have showed support in this upcoming event.Through combined efforts, we hope to refuel and empower the “American Dream” that has been the backbone of our economy’s success thus far.

Register for the event now and be a part of the Startupism movement!

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