Grow your startup - JUST SAY YES!

By Scott Case
CEO Startup America Partnership

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - but in true startup style, we're rebranding it Generosity Day - a day to say YES.

Why should you be generous? You're busy right? Lot's to get done to make your startup a success. Well, my experience is that generosity with your time, expertise and insights could be the biggest driver for your growth. I believe deeply that everyone has something of themselves to contribute to others and that you will receive more than you contribute. In fact, the best way to start a successful relationship is to find a way to help the other person. I could provide dozens of examples from my life but more important for you act - just trust me - it'll pay off!

In February 2011 the remarkable Sasha Dichter took the concept to a whole new level and looped Katya Andresen and Ellen McGirt - let's hijack Feb 14th and turn it into #GenerosityDay. 

So, what does this mean for your Startup? Take action and do three things TODAY (if you are really bold, pledge here ) 

1. Be generous with your time - someone has asked you for something recently - say YES and do it.

2. Be generous with your praise - someone has done something for you - say THANK YOU.

3. Be generous with your joy - tell the people you care about something that made you HAPPY TODAY.

My warranty - if it doesn't pay off, I'll provide 1,2 and 3 on your behalf!

Bonus: repeat at least one of the above daily starting today. You'll be rewarded a million times over. 

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