Every company needs a mascot.

Today is National Puppy Day, and we wanted to “paws” and reflect on the impact dogs have on the startup culture. 

Today’s blog has been provided by Scrappy and Shaggy (@scrappyshaggy) who are Startup America team members and entrepreneurs in their own right. 

We are often amused at how frequently we’re the subject matter of startups like our members: DoodyCalls, Nap Dog Media, The dog dorks, CAMP 4 PAWS, Doggie Day Camp and Boarding, CharlieDog and Friends LLC, Blue Dog Mead, Blog Mutt, and so many more. Don’t get us wrong, we love our direct-to-the-door treat delivery service as much as the next dog. But, beyond that, our role in the startup ecosystem is far more important. 

We serve as our companies’ mascots and typically fill roles such as Chief Motivator and Officer of Adorableness. Our presence in the office and meetings instantly brings a fun vibe to any discussion. Petting and playing with us is an instant stress reliever.

Scrappy & Shaggy looking cute to cheer you up during your 16 hour work day.

Despite the fact that we greet each other with a butt-sniff rather than a handshake, we are just as much entrepreneurs as our human counterparts. We work late hours. We’re always ready to travel. We work hard and play hard.

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine how anyone can build a successful high growth company without us. 

Our goal at Startup America is to be startup superheroes, shine a light on the important roles we play, and some day bring about a shift in culture across companies of all sizes. It doesn't have to be a "dog-eat-dog" world.