Discover and rank your top mobile and web applications with ziipa.

Today's featured member, ziipa, is an interest based ranking & personal recommendation platform that enables users to discover the best web and mobile applications. ziipa is currently in beta. 

ziipa's proprietary algorithm enables users to rank mobile and web applications and connects them based on the users interest. ziipa's unique "Patent Pending" method of anticipating users change in interest connects users and apps in real-time. Read our interview with ziipa Founder, Lee Starusta.

What inspired you to start your company?
The inspiration for ziipa is a manifestation of the difficulty I have encountered as a bootstrapped entrepreneur in competing against the more established and better funded companies.

Tell us something unique about you and your co-founder(s)?
Lee Starusta – Creator, dreamer and out to disrupt! Industrial engineer by education entrepreneur by genetic predisposition. 
Hugo Aponte – Co-founder & CTO Patent holder and loves mathematics and artificial intelligence. (Who doesn't!!) 

What problem does your product or service solve?
1. ziipa eliminates the problems with ratings being manipulated the dependency on money and the involvement of few.
2. The recommendations engine anticipates a user(s) change of interest and recommends in real-time. (patent pending)

What are your startup's three biggest challenges to growth?
1. Speed to market
2. Capital
3. Exposure

How has Startup America helped you overcome these challenges to growth?
Startup America helps us gain exposure and connect with service suppliers.

What Startup America Member Benefits have you used?
Reading all the material and ideas that are part of Startup America. Attending local events and networking.

ziipa utilizes a unique method to enable the ranking of entities that brings stability and accuracy. Our technology enables passive inputs and interactions over-time taking into account the user and his relation to the entity. By tracking 100% of the sample the results become more reliable. ziipa provides users the opportunity to discover and rank without the intrusion of capital and eliminates skewed rankings achieved by nefarious methods. The users decide the value/rank of an application. We believe that the user is "the best" judge of the usefulness of a web or mobile application.

Learn more about ziipa: 
Startup America member since November 2011
Region: Florida
Twitter: @ziipa

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