Become a Champion

Region Champions are local entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate representatives volunteering their time and skills toward a common goal: growing their local startup community.

Want to be a Region Champion? Complete this checklist to find out more about the Startup Regions and what it means to be a Champion.

Read what the Startup Regions are all about:
A quick look at what Startup America Regions are all about — what they are, how they get formed, and how they engage and help strengthen their local communities and the entire national startup economy. view document > 


Find out what it means to be a Champion:
Watch our webinar >


Learn more about how the Startup Regions decide what to work on:
It starts by putting the entrepreneurs first (the regions are led by entrepreneurs, not by community supporters) and asking "where is our community strong, and what could we improve?"  Startup America has identified nine areas that our nation's strongest startup communities tend to do well, and these nine areas form the basis for what the regions work on. view document >


Check out the Strategies for Community Building in Startup Regions:
Startup America Regions are meant to be entrepreneur-led, community-wide initiatives to make every community stronger for planting and scaling high-growth startups.  The Regions individually and collectively work on a variety of strategies to make this vision a reality, and we've boiled it down into a Four Quadrant Approach for Strong Communities that you can use within your own community or state. view document >


If you’ve completed the checklist, and you’re ready to be a Startup Champion, click Next for more instructions.