Wow your audience with Big Fish Presentations

Are you tired of boring powerpoints with tons of text that put you to sleep? Kenny Nguyen, CEO & Founder of today's featured startup, Big Fish Presentations, was too.

This Louisiana-based startup turns presentations into experiences. They design presentations that engage and reasonate with your specific audience, train clients on how to tell their story, and produce your story into a video for the big screen.

Learn more about how Big Fish Presentations can turn your boring presentations into visually appealing and exciting experience from CEO & Founder, Kenny Nguyen.

What inspired you to start your company?
It was on a night of January 2010 where I attended a meeting for the Student Real Estate Association at Louisiana State University. It was a special night as our speaker was an executive from a large international Fortune 500 company. We were stoked about having a representative from a big name company speak to us, but when he delivered his presentation we were floored. And not in a good way. I'll never forget it. His presentation consisted of over 120 PowerPoint slides, nothing but text, and he was nice enough to personally make sure to read every single slide (not to mention laugh at his own jokes).

Are you kidding me?

Sitting through that made me think to myself, "if the world's largest companies are presenting this way, audiences might not get a chance to hear tomorrow's brightest ideas before being put to sleep by boring presentations."

It made me think what if there was a company that can not only design awesome presentations but help presenters hook their audiences.

This was when the idea of my company Big Fish Presentations was born. And today we help companies worldwide present their stories and ideas.

Tell us about your product or service.
We are a presentation strategy company that does three things: presentation design, presentation consulting, and commercial video production.

At the end of the day though, what we really do is sell experiences!

Tell us something unique about you and your co-founder.
Me and my business partner Gus Murillo are both college students at Louisiana State University. We also played together in bands growing up during middle school and high school.

What problem does your product or service solve?
Boredom and lack of communication. We help our clients better effectively present their ideas, products, services to the world.

What are your startup's three biggest challenges to growth?
1) Being in college it was and sometimes is hard to scale the business. 
2) Convincing larger companies with in-house design teams that their presentations suck can sometimes be a challenge. While you can design it can you present it well?
3) Marketing our services as more than just designing presentations- we help companies actually develop the content and practice delivering the presentation.

How has the Startup America Partnership helped you overcome these challenges to growth?
By offering a great support network where we can meet other entrepreneurs facing similar problems and also market our services out there with SA's press networks.

What Startup America Member Benefits have you used?
Definitely the deals and have recently done the Flights. Camera. Action contest. The video is ridiculous and embarrassing, but hey 50 tickets to the grand prize winner is totally worth it!

Why should startups join Startup America?
To keep connected and kept well aware of nearby growing entrepreneur eco-systems. It's a great support network.

What is the startup culture like in your City/State?
Louisiana's startup culture is awesome. Particularly in Baton Rouge. Our company couldn't be where it is today without receiving help from great mentors in organizations such as Entrepreneurs' Organization and the Louisiana Business Technology Center. The culture here is very nurturing and encouraging of young startups to succeed. I've got tons of mentors that have taught me so much and I can't possibly think of a way to pay them all back for the impact they have had on our company.

What else should we highlight about your startup?
We were recently named this year one of Inc.'s Coolest College Startups of 2012.

Learn more and connect with Big Fish Presentations here: | | @BigFishPresCo



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