Videos and meaningful metrics are a cinch

Every startup does it. You launch your company, get an awesome product video, and throw it on the web in the fastest way possible. Exciting. The problem comes down the line, when you want to add more videos or create unique access. Often, you realize your original solution wasn’t the best scale solution or the new, better platforms you can now afford don’t integrate with your quick fix. 

LoopLogic co-founder Scott Mitchell is here to help. His platform not only integrates all solutions you have used, but also gives you the best information available on who is watching and how your message is received. If content is king, then LoopLogic is the throne. 

Tell us about LoopLogic.
LoopLogic is a cloud and mobile platform that tracks who, by name, watches your video. You can upload videos directly into LoopLogic (ad-free!) or pull existing media from other places, like YouTube. Better still, LoopLogic works with your existing mass email service to market customers based on past behavior. 

What inspired you to start your company?
My co-founder, Stephane Legay, and I have worked together for 15 years. In one of our other ventures we needed to serve video to over 40,000 customers. Some of the videos were free and accessible on YouTube, while others were on a locked page for subscribers only. In addition, we wanted to use video to do more sophisticated email marketing; and target customers based on viewing behavior.

These needs translated into core requirements for LoopLogic: put a name behind every viewer, track video progress, and integrate with our existing sales and marketing systems.

Central to everything that we do is knowing, by name, who is watching your content. If you don’t know who they are, they are just a number, just a viewer, instead of a person, a human, with whom you can have a conversation.

Knowing viewer progress in a video is knowing how much of your company story has been both told and heard. It is hard to continue a story, or start the next chapter, if you don't know where your customer left off.

Most importantly, however, is the ability to use this information to do more than just generate pretty charts. In our previous venture, we wanted to make better sales and marketing decisions. LoopLogic solved that problem for us -- and now it is solving that problem for thousands of other companies.

We have been able to “drink our own Champaign” to drastically increase customer engagement. Simple things like integrating video thumbnails in our mass email messages increased click-through rates by over 85%. Knowing the difference between customers who watch 1% of a video, and those who watch 50% of a video allowed us to design butter nurturing campaigns with 35% better conversion.

What’s the startup scene like in Arizona?
Arizona's startup community is really heating up. I've been working in Arizona on and off since 1997. During this time, I have co-founded and invested in several companies in other locations such as Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, DC. LoopLogic is the first one that is headquartered in Arizona. In the past, these other communities were more vibrant for startups. This is no longer true as our access to capital, talent and customers (via web and mobile) has improved. 

I also really like how our rugged, pioneer, sometimes cowboy, culture has translated into a startup scene that values hard work, true grit, and weird concepts like profitability. In fact, when I put it that way, Arizona’s culture mirrors the mindset of many entrepreneurs.  Come join us!

So, when you combine the availability of talent, resources, quality of life and the excitement of helping to grow the startup community, there is no better place than Arizona right now.

What are your startup's three biggest challenges to growth?
Distribution, distribution, distribution. Our renewal rate is over 95% -- when someone uses our product, they stick with it.

Most qualified executives and technical folks can create a great product that is useful to some segment of the population. Getting a web-based solution in the hands of users is easier than ever before because software can be available anytime, anywhere online. However, with that comes a lot of noise in the marketplace. 

How will connecting to the resources in Arizona help you distribute? 
We are excited to connect with region mentors to help us identify distribution opportunities that we wouldn’t otherwise see. 

Why should startups join Startup America? 
Startup America is the first program I've found that seems "real." There are some heavyweight executives involved in the leadership, and the network has successful chapters throughout the nation.

What else should we highlight about LoopLogic?
We are a diverse but close-knit team. We have people with high school degrees and people with PhD's. We have native Arizonans and people raised in Paris. Everyone is living their own version of the American Startup Dream. This diversity helps us understand our diverse customers, and engineer better solutions to their needs.

You heard it from Scott: JOIN US!