Startup Guide to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

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This is your guide to all things Startup at the RNC and DNC.

We want to make your experience at both conventions as valuable and informative as possible, and to provide you with key takeaways to help your startup grow.

Here is our schedule of events:

RNC, August 28-30, 2012, Tampa Bay, FL

Monday, August 27th

Due to inclement weather, our activities scheduled for Monday have been moved.

Tuesday, August 28

  • Rock the Vote Concert: 6pm – 10pm

Other events: 

Wednesday, August 29

  • Startup America & Startup RockOn Panel: 9am - 10 am

    • “Government & Startups,” moderated by Scott Case, CEO, Startup America 

    • Location: Mise en Place

    • Participants:

      • Rep. Darrell Issa, CA

      • Zalmi Duchman, Founder, the Fresh Diet

      • Jorge Plasencia, Chairman and CEO, República

      • Travis Kalanick, Founder, Uber

  • Startup America & Startup RockOn Panel: 10:15 am - 11:15 am 

    • "Creating Jobs: Female Founders," moderated by Heather Kenyon, CEO, Tampa Bay Technology Forum 

    • Location: Mise en Place

    • Participants: 

      • Kristen McLean, Founder & CEO, Bookigee

      • Rhonda Shear, President, Shear Enterprises

      • Pat Dominguez, President and CEO, Traige Partners

      • Debbee Barker, Co-Founder, FLIPFOLD LLC

  • Huffington Post Luncheon: 12:30 – 2:30

    • “Solutions to the Jobs Crisis”

  • Huffington Post Startup Expo: 2:30pm – 5:30pm

DNC, September 3-6, 2012, Charlotte, NC

Monday, September 3

  • VIP Reception: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

  • The Roots Show: 8:00pm – 12:00am

Tuesday, September 4

  • Startup America & Startup RockOn Panel: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

    • “Government & Startups,” moderated by Scott Case, CEO, Startup America 

    • Location: Packard Place

    • Participants:

      • Aneesh Chopra, Former U.S. CTO

      • Jared Polis, Congressman, CO

      • Janet Cowell, NC Treasurer

      • Igor Jablokov, Founder, Minutor

      • Dan Roselli, Co-Founder Packard Place 

Wednesday, September 5

Thursday, September 6

  • Startup America & Startup RockOn Panel: 10:00am – 11:00am

    • "Creating Jobs: Female Founders" 

    • Location: Packard Place

    • Participants:

      • Kay Koplovitz, Founder, USA Network and the SciFi Channel

      • Sarah Garces, Founder, Packard Place

      • Molly Barker, Founder, Girls on the Run

      • Jacqueline Patterson, Founder, Sheercom LLC

      • Rachel Sklar, Founder, Changing the Ratio

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