The Start Uprising

Today, the Kauffman Foundation released a white paper entitled “The Startup Uprising,” which documents the first 18 months of Startup America and how we’ve evolved in that time. As Dane Stangler, director of research and policy at Kauffman describes:

“This paper sums up why a startup region strategy has become Startup America Partnership’s organizing principle, and how their experience can benefit any organization that wants to promote entrepreneurship. What Startup America Partnership seeks to achieve is critically important to America’s economic recovery and long-term prosperity. The more they can provide connections and resources locally that help startups grow faster, the more quickly these companies will become job creators.”

Not only does the paper tell a great story of how we were formed and how we’ve evolved into the organization we are today, it includes full transcripts of interviews the author did with many of our Regional Champions. Included are:

·      Startup CO: Brad Feld

·      Startup CT: Danny Briere

·      Startup DC: Evan Burfield

·      Startup FL: Susan Amat

·      Startup IA: Christian Renaud and Taj Dewan

·      Startup IN: Matt Hunckler

·      Startup MA: Cory Bolotsky

·      Startup TN: Clay Jackson

Check out the full white paper here and let us know your thoughts!