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Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to somehow post your need ("hire a plumber," for example) and have offers come directly to you with solutions? Sound like a dream? Not anymore! With today's featured startup, NeedTo, all you do is post your need and let the offers find you. With awesome discounts on software and educational webinars from Startup America, NeedTo continues to grow. Learn about the NeedTo story and founder below.

What inspired you to start your company?
NeedTo was inspired by my own frustration with the current system of finding help to complete a range of services. In the beginning, my thought was that most people have a never ending to-do list, full of tasks they need to get done, but they don’t always have the time or talent to complete the work themselves. On the other hand, there are always people looking to stay busy, get work, and make money, but in the past they haven’t had an efficient way to find work.

We already know that everyday people, in our communities, have special talents, but sometimes they have a hard time finding people to share them with. For example, there’s the college student that loves fixing computers, the retiree who is passionate about gardening, and the stay-at-home mom who loves photography, but can’t pursue her passion full-time. Likewise, there are regular people out there that need these same services, but in all likelihood they’d never find each other I couldn’t find a site where any small business or independent worker could wake up everyday knowing he can provide for his family, so I built

Tell us about your product or service 
Everyday people have things they need to get done but can't due to time or skills constraints.

NeedTo is a better way we will get things done by turning the marketplace upside down by having users post their need, and offers come to them. A one-stop shop to outsource all of their Needs, whether it be hiring a plumber, maid, designer, tutor, or lawyer.

People are always looking to stay busy, find work and make money, but until now there hasn't been an efficient way to connect people on both sides (those with a need and those looking for work).

Users select offers based on profiles featuring peoples' skills, reviews, background checks, and experience, but also affiliations, badges, social good, and community involvement

Tell us something unique about you and your co-founder(s)
Wade spent his college summers selling education books door to door. The things learned from that experience like embrace ing obstacles, fearlessness, unconditional confidence, emotional ups and downs, and to not letting anybody making you feel inferior comes in handy daily in starting your own company.

What problem does your product or service solve?
Every day people and businesses have things they need to get done, but due to time or skill constraints don’t. It’s a pain spending half your day doing Internet searches, calling out of a phone book, referrals, haggling, exchanging emails, phone tag, and scheduling. Yet, there are people and businesses ready and waiting to work. As of March 2012, one out of every five Americans is jobless or underemployed. This represents a potential 60 million people who are looking for an additional source of income. The current system to connect them is broken, time consuming, and inefficient.

What are your startup's three biggest challenges to growth?
First of all just awareness, since the founder is using his savings and credit card to pursue his passion, doesn’t leave money for much marketing. So just getting the word out.

Second is changing people’s current behavior of getting needs met. Everybody I share NeedTo with loves the concept; it is just not their current habit of finding someone to help. Just getting someone to remember to use it the first time.

Third I would say is keeping the team together, without funding we are not being paid and are just motivated by our mission (ending unemployment) and future financial rewards. Can be tough because everybody still has bills.

How has the Startup America Partnership helped you overcome these challenges to growth?
I got a free book "The Startup Owner's Manual" by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf at SXSW. Loved it! And getting to be feature will be huge for awareness! What Startup America Member Benefits have you used? Love the educational webinars, thanks for recording some when I can't be on a call. Also have used some free trials of cool software to help us plan.

Why should startups join Startup America?
Why would you not? Not joining Start Up America is like going to climb Mount Everest without a map. You can still get to the top but it is a lot tougher. All the free and limitless help is priceless.

What is the startup culture like in your City/State?
Awesome, Austin has an amazing start up culture. Everybody is out to help everybody with free training and lots of sharing. When I've met Entrepreneurs from other city's they are amazed about how open we are with sharing new idea and giving advise with no expectations in return.

What else should we highlight about your startup?
We are committed to helping non profits by giving badges to those who do pro bono needs for non profit. We also give a veterans badge for those who want to help a veteran who needs work. Oh, and we are currently raising our first round of funding :-)

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