The Largest Gathering of Startups in GA Since 1895

For years, Georgia stakeholders have combated a brain drain, where, like many other largely rural regions, many of the most intelligent natives leave the state for wider opportunities elsewhere. Startup America is proud to join efforts to keep economic opportunity in Georgia by launching Startup Georgia. The program will join initiatives like the Hope Scholarship, which incentivizes the smartest students to stay in-state, in making “The Empire of the South” a fantastic place to live and work.

The launch of Startup Georgia on Feb. 18 will be the largest gathering of startups since 1895. And while the state keeps its southern roots, the startup scene is anything but Gone With the Wind. Over half of the startups are minority owned, contributing to over $153MM in annual revenue.

Before the economic downturn, 14 counties in Georgia were in the 100 fastest growing counties in America, second only to Texas. With the recent growth of startups, Georgia is now growing in a localized, sustainable way.

Atlanta has branded itself as a conference and tourist destination, with thriving culture and sprawling suburbs. The Braves have a national cult-like following, but the city also hosts professional teams in football, hockey, and basketball. Reynolds, Coca-Cola, and Home Depot are just a few of the businesses that already see the value of basing in the city, and with CNN calling ATL home, peach state startups have plenty of megaphones. 

We’re happy to give a warm welcome to our 31st region to launch. Make sure to find them on Facebook and Twitter.