Introducing CODE 2040

By Laura Weidman Powers, Founding Executive Director, @laurawp & Amy Schapiro, Program Manager, @CODE2040

We're so excited that Startup America is featuring the amazing stories of the inaugural class of CODE2040 fellows! Before you read about what the fellows have learned and accomplished, we wanted to take a moment to introduce CODE2040, since we're a startup ourselves.

CODE2040 brings high performing Black and Latino/a computer engineering students to Silicon Valley for a comprehensive summer fellowship program consisting of an internship with a top startup, plus mentoring, speakers, company visits, interactive workshops, executive coaching, and more.

In our inaugural summer program, the five CODE2040 fellows met executives at tech powerhouses like Google and Facebook and top venture firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock. The fellows worked at cutting edge startups like Rockmelt and Jawbone, and visited trendsetting companies like Zynga and Square.

Like any good startup, we're excited to grow and expand. In summer 2013, CODE2040 will partner with dozens of Silicon Valley's best companies to welcome 20 students into our fellowship program. We're recruiting now! (Find out more, including how to apply, here.)

CODE2040 launched in February 2012, and was founded by Tristan Walker, who saw two main problems contributing to the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley: 1) lack of awareness – not enough knowledge about opportunities and about what it's really like to embark on an entrepreneurial career; and 2) lack of access – specifically access to the networks needed to be successful in an entrepreneurial career.

One thing we find especially compelling about our mission is that this lack of diversity in tech and entrepreneurship is in the context of a massive demographic shift that our country is undergoing – Census projections show that people of color will collectively be the majority in the US in the year 2040. We want those same people of color to be represented in the ranks of the founders and leaders of the most innovative and successful companies in the country.

We hope you'll enjoy learning more about our inaugural class of fellows here on Startup America's blog. And if you'd like to learn more about CODE2040 or get involved as a fellow, funder, mentor, host company, volunteer, or in any way at all, we hope you'll check out our website and get in touch!


Laura & Amy

Become a 2013 CODE2040 Fellow!

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