Badgy, it's SEO for Social

Badgy is a Social Loyalty platform for Digital Marketers. Badgy met their lead investor, Mark Cuban, in Indianapolis, two days before the Super Bowl, as a result of networking with Startup America companies and staff.

Badgy adapts the most effective social marketing techniques into product features that can be quickly used to benefit a consumer brand. These digital achievements can be used to power contests, competitions, or pure engagement campaigns.

Learn more about this Atlanta-based startup from CEO & Founer, Rob Kischuk. 

What inspired you to start your company?
After spending several years in the social games industry, I realized that only social games were using the best social marketing tools - marketers of consumer brands didn't have the time or resources to use the best tools. Badgy provides "SEO for Social", delivering a Social Loyalty service that rewards a brand's fan for augmenting their message on Facebook and Twitter to increase sales.

Tell us something unique about you
Before starting Badgy, I was Executive Producer of a Facebook game called "Zombie Mosh", which had over 1.25 million players and 250,000 likes.

What problem does your product or service solve?
Marketers often find that the best social marketing tools are to technically complex and that their voice is lost in the shuffle. We help them cut through that noise, using the voice of their fans and the most current social marketing strategies like Facebook Timeline Actions, in a simple, non-technical product.

What are your startup's three biggest challenges to growth?
We had challenges of funding, distribution, and administrative overhead.

How has the Startup America Partnership helped you overcome these challenges to growth?
Most interestingly, Startup America's activities in Indianapolis leading up to the Super Bowl led up to us meeting and pitching Badgy to Mark Cuban, who is now our lead investor. Some of Startup America's deals with different service providers have also helped us focus on our business.

What Startup America Member Benefits have you used?
We took advantage of the deal for Intuit online payroll. We also attended SXSW Startup Village and made great industry connections and participated in pitch feedback panels.

Why should startups join Startup America?
Startups should join Startup America to bypass the fluff and get access to information, meetings, and resources that would take a LOT more time to figure out on your own. It lets you spend more time growing your company.

What is the startup culture like in your City/State?
Atlanta's startup culture is vibrant and thriving. Recent exits like BLiNQ Media and Vitrue highlight an emerging marketing technology core anchored by stalwarts such as MailChimp and Pardot. We have a solid technical talent pool fed by Georgia Tech and Emory, and existing strength in Financial Services, Information Security, and Health Care IT startups.

Learn more about Badgy and connect with them here: | @badgy


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