5 Reasons to love FunderHut

Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, RocketHub and beyond… the world of crowdfunding can be crazy. While we would never turn our backs on these fantastic sites, FunderHut offers some special perks we don’t see on these other sites. 

1. It accepts charities and organizations. Ease of online donations + a good cause = funding bliss.

2. Project options. Sad as it may be, some projects never reach completion. With some of the larger sites, that means the funding is lost. At FunderHut, you have the option as a project starter to offer both a fixed and a variable option. With the variable option, you keep every dime contributed, regardless of whether you reached your funding goal.

3. It’s about community. In the words of co-founder Dan Salganik:

“Our passion has always been working around community growth. Though Social Media has done wonders for society, it has also made us less visible within our own communities and more visible in communities thousands of miles away. Our goal is to get people to start projects that can help or benefit the dwellers of a more ‘closely-knit’ community. Though our definition of community is not bound by geographic location, we believe that community members will be more enticed to fund a project or help a person within their own city, community, or neighborhood. One of our goals is to get a larger, wider demographic of people involved in their own communities.”


4. The Community Wishlist. In addition to crowdfunding, the site provides an online, town-hall meeting where you can discuss improvements you’d like to see in your community. Instead of merely wishing for something with a friend or colleague, you can now brainstorm with a group of people interested in the same topic. You can turn popular ideas into a campaign with a single click. What could be easier than discussing ways a community could improve, and then launching a campaign to fund that improvement in the same place? #Genius

5. Personal attention. Since this site is still in the startup phase, you’ll get individual TLC that larger sites simply can’t provide. You can be a part of making the site more user-friendly (note: we don’t see any bugs!), which brings a cool new dimension to the community aspect. 

Love it? Hate it? @FunderHut is looking for ways to make crowdfunding better.