Our Chairman Steve Case on President Obama's American Jobs Act

Tonight, our chairman Steve Case was invited to sit in the First Lady’s box for the President’s joint Congressional address.

We’re thrilled that he was chosen to help represent America’s entrepreneurs, who have and will continue to play a critical role in the creation of new jobs in our country.  

Following the speech, Steve issued the following statement:

"I was honored to represent America’s entrepreneurs at tonight’s joint Congressional session, and am pleased that President Obama is focused on the pivotal role that entrepreneurs play in creating jobs and ensuring our nation's competitiveness.  High-growth entrepreneurial businesses have been responsible for nearly all of the net jobs created in the last three decades – so policies that make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and expand companies must be at the epicenter of any jobs effort. 

While Republicans and Democrats don't seem to agree on much these days, they do agree that entrepreneurs hold the key to a bright economic future. Therefore, I hope both parties will put politics and partisanship aside, and work together to ensure the success of the next generation of great American companies.  

I look forward to continuing to work with the President’s Jobs Council to ensure that smart entrepreneurship policies continue to be a major focus of job creation efforts in Washington, and with the Startup America Partnership to ensure that the private sector does its part to celebrate and support our nation's entrepreneurs."

What were your reactions to the President’s speech?