Little Town Bakery Comes to Prince Georges County for At-Risk Youth

Guest Post by Linda Crump, Founder of Little Town Bakery

Our vision is to establish a youth-led bakery, ice cream, and coffee shop that will employ youth in every area of the business as youth apprentices. 

Our mission is focused on youth, ages 16-18, to ensure stable and productive livelihoods.  The incentives for these young people are limitless as Little Town Bakery grows in the market place, so will our workers.  These talented individuals will be solicited from various schools in the area.  They will enjoy showcasing their creations for display in planned publications, flyers and on the Internet, thereby giving them a face to the community, while addressing their skills, professionalism, and mastery of the culinary art of baking.  The rewards are endless for our apprentices, giving them experience and exposure they need to broaden their horizons in the art of baking, management, and other areas of expertise. 

This is just one of the many ways in which Little Town Bakery can make a difference in the community and extend the allegiance to our young people in helping them make their way in a society of hard knocks and redirecting their energies, strengths and aspirations for a better, more productive and happier existence they will cherish for the rest of their lives.  This endeavor will not only help and nurture the community, but as a result, will inspire and assist our youth in becoming viable citizens in a world of havoc, giving them something to look forward to. 

We plan to be more than a great bakery and ice cream shop and coffee shop: we are creating an environment of culinary apprenticeship that surpasses the ordinary fare of a standard bakery with the assistance of 50 of our own local youth that are eager to make a difference in their lives to be viable citizens in the community, by developing a skill and instilling a single purpose – to thrive.  Little Town Bakery offers jobs, education, skill building and a complete turn-around for those wanting to succeed.  I offer, as we like to call it, a “Safe Haven” for those kids wanting to come to a job where the atmosphere is welcoming, warm, and cheerful.

This endeavor would be a “revolving door” yearly as the bakery would take in new apprentices every year.  This is a delightful endeavor that will be replicated by Little Town Bakery’s President and CEO, Linda Crump in other communities around the country for the next three (3) years. Many, many thanks for your assistance in my mission to save children from the streets and teach them about the world of unlimited opportunities.

Linda Crump is the Founder of Little Town Bakery, (When Only the Best Will Do!)